Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Spring has Sprung in February???

Hi all!
So, the daffodils are up and in bloom and the cherry trees are blooming!?!?!!? Huh? Love is in the air, the money tree looks like it's getting some new buds as some work is starting to trickle in, the boys are fantastic, I'm exhausted but happy. What more could I want? Maybe to get rid of the ever-present bags under my eyes from perpetual lack of sleep (especially now that there are not just two boys with colds in my home but two boys with ear infections) but I'm not going to push my luck. Besides, getting up at 4AM (after breastfeeding Z all night) just means that there is more time in the day, some time to snuggle with just Z and to give him a little undivided attention AND I get to see the sunrise! PLUS, it just means I get to start my coffee bliss earlier! Mmmmmm. I love my life, I love my boys, I love my house, I love my dog, I love my friends, I love my family. Now, I'm going to turn in with sweet dreams and a whole 2 hrs of uninterrupted sleep before my first feeding shift :) Good thing that baby is THE sweetest little baby in the whole wide world. When I got up with Odin at 4 the other day to administer meds and help him through his 104 degree fever, he turned to me in his feverish delirium and said, "Mommy, your kind of a good girl." What more could a person want than that kind of wonderful validation? That and the steady stream of hugs & kisses I've been getting lately. (Albeit, a bit snotty lovin' but still wonderful!) Mmmmmm! I'm going to have TWO Valentines this year!!!!!

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