Sunday, February 27, 2011

Joint Family Trip

Joe and I took all four kids to St. Thomas for a few days :)  We had all four kids for an entire week with 2 travel days and 3 days in the sunny fabulousness and we made it through with flying colors.  Our trip was not without it's travel difficulties as is the norm these days but we had a wonderful trip and everyone had a great time :)  Next week we are off to California to visit all of the loves that we haven't seen since we moved away two years ago.  I found airline tickets that were such a good deal that I booked them, regardless of leaving a week and a half after getting back from our last trip.  Odin's dad and his girlfriend are meeting us there to take the kids for a few days so they won't miss their visit.  I know the time change is going to be a challenge with the kids waking up at 3AM so wish me luck!  Here are a few pics from our quick vacation!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Since I last wrote...

...things have gotten back on track :)  Right now, as I write this, the house is sparkling, the laundry is going, the dishwasher is running, the boys are tucked up in their beds and all is right with the world.  As far as my love life goes, as hard as it is to let myself trust, I have once again fought the urge to run away from love and all the scary vulnerability that goes with it and am blissfully happy.  Yes, there was a hiccup along the way, a white cap in my otherwise smooth sailing, a pothole, or more appropriately for this winter, a frost heave.  I've asked and discussed with everyone I trust and they are all with me in thinking that it was just that...a momentary, fleeting glitch.  So....onward and upward :)  I'm happy to say that I am happy happy happy as are the boys :)  We spend our days shuttling to school, playdates, gymnastics, errands, and events for the club that I run and we spend our evenings alternating between Joe's house and my rental.  Our kids miss each other when we are not all together so we try to make it so that we are only apart a day here and there besides the time that each set of kids spends at their other parent's house.  Joe's kids are flourishing in our new chaotic lifestyle...for my boys it is just the norm ;)  Having four kids around most of the time is rewarding, silly, fun, full of more cuddles than one person can accommodate, and thoroughly stimulating.  Each kid is so unique and fascinating...I love every minute.  Joe and I make a good team and it really seems easiest when we are all together.  My kids love Joe and his kids which makes me feel good and tells me that I am indeed not only taking the path that's best for me, but that is best for everyone!  It is indeed complicated having several driveways that need snowblowing (thank goodness Joe does that) and we are forever packing and unpacking and having groceries go bad on us while we're away or missing an item that we meant to bring...but if the two of us can handle this level of stress, than we certainly make a good team :)  Zephyr is amazing me every day with how much he secretly knows and with his panache and humor...Odin has become quite helpful and sweet in addition to his amazing and ever-present zest for life and never-ending enthusiasm.  They have been enjoying spending time with their Dad and his girlfriend at their house in Maine and visiting with Grammie & Grandpa and every chance they get whether here, CT, WY, or wherever!  We just got back from a trip out to Wyoming where we got to visit with Uncle Adam too!  Anyways...that's what's going on here in MA.  Just shiny happy people!  I'm so glad to have every running smoothly again :)  Sometimes it's good to have things go awry just to keep you on your toes and to remind you to live in the moment...the future doesn't really exist!