Sunday, February 27, 2011

Joint Family Trip

Joe and I took all four kids to St. Thomas for a few days :)  We had all four kids for an entire week with 2 travel days and 3 days in the sunny fabulousness and we made it through with flying colors.  Our trip was not without it's travel difficulties as is the norm these days but we had a wonderful trip and everyone had a great time :)  Next week we are off to California to visit all of the loves that we haven't seen since we moved away two years ago.  I found airline tickets that were such a good deal that I booked them, regardless of leaving a week and a half after getting back from our last trip.  Odin's dad and his girlfriend are meeting us there to take the kids for a few days so they won't miss their visit.  I know the time change is going to be a challenge with the kids waking up at 3AM so wish me luck!  Here are a few pics from our quick vacation!

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