Sunday, December 6, 2009

Thanksgiving, December, and our first snow!!!!

We had a lovely Thanksgiving up at my Aunt Shelly's and Odin got to meet all of my cousins' kids!  They all had a GREAT time and it as just adorable.

Then, yesterday, we went to see Santa arrive by lobster boat down at the harbor, walked around downtown and saw some amazing gingerbread houses.  Then, we went to some great church fairs, and thoroughly enjoyed the holiday spirit!!!

When our first snow arrived, Odin could not wait to get outside.  He was ready to go out and shovel in the dark last night...I told him he could go out in the he waited till first light and he was out the door, naked under his snowsuit because he couldn't waste any time getting dressed.  He had us out there before I even got to drink one cup of coffee!

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