Thursday, November 27, 2008

No turkey.

Wouldn't you know it?!?!? I came down with the flu last night and had to skip Thanksgiving! Can you imagine? No turkey, no stuffing, no cranberry sauce, green been casserole, pies. Oh dear. I sent the kids off for a wonderful thanksgiving with Uncle Adam, Grammie, Grandpa, Auntie Mary, Frannie, Katharine, Nelson, and Lucia. I spent the day lying in bed. Can't say I've had that privilege in a long time, however, I could think of much better ways to spend a day with no kids than in bed with the flu! I could have cleaned and organized the whole house, had a spa day, and decorated for X-mas today! Oh dear. Anyways, eat some extra leftovers for'll be a long time before I'm able to eat that delicious stuff. By the way, flu shots are such a bunch of bunk. I get a flu shot every year and every year, I get the flu. Oh well. Send some fast healing wishes my way!

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