Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Feeling better!

Hi everyone,
I'm all better and feeling my energy come back! Odin had a great day at school. Usually, the minute he knows that he's going to school and that I will not be staying at school with him, he melts down, but today, he just wanted to make sure that I would be picking him up and no one else and then he was ok with it. He marched right in saying, "Hi Teacher Erica!" Handed her his backpack, and got ready for her to pick him up after I said goodbye so he could get some comforting when he teared up. He handled it like a pro and knew exactly how to get through it and it made me so proud of him that he could calm himself down. It was really sweet! He got some pictures taken at picture day at school a month or so ago and I'm attaching the proofs below because they are SO cute!!!! The color doesn't come out right because they are proprietary or something but the actual photos are SOOOOO cute!!!!!

When I picked Odin up, the other kids were resting on their cots (they go down for a nap right before I pick him up since he only does a half day) and he was sitting at a mini table with a mini chalk board and a sock on his had and a piece of chalk. I deduced that the sock is the "eraser." He saw me and jumped up and grabbed his backpack and jacket and said, "Goodbye Teacher Erica! My mama's here to get me now! Goodbye everyone!" It was SO cute. It's also really cute that he has this wierd accent now when he says my name and it sounds kind of French like "Maman." I feel like I have a French child and I should answer, "Oui ma petite familier?" Meaning, "Yes, my little one?" Odin and Zephyr both have liquid build up in their ears from so many colds in a row so I'm hoping the herbal ear drops the doctor recommended will work. We are going back to see her next week to see. Odin was very brave and had a flu shot (his second one as kids have to get two the first year) and he likes his doctor so much he actually sat on her lap while she looked in his ears and blew air into them to test the fluid. I put Odin to bed 45 minutes ago and he's still in there singing to himself. Ho hum. I got him an advent calendar from playmobil and it has all these little boxes and you open one each day and it has little animals and trees and food for the animals to put into this little forest scene that they give you and on Christmas Eve, Santa comes to see the animals. It's so cute. After he gets all the pieces, he can use it for playing with his playmobil camper and can have the camper in a forest with trees and animals. It's the cutest thing. Today he got four little birds and a tree. He played with them all evening. I was amazed that he could enjoy such a simple little set. I'm including photos of that too.

Another interesting thing, Odin has decided he likes his room completely dark when he goes to bed! He never ceases to amaze me!

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