Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Snow day!

We arrived safely in Wyoming, with an uneventful trip, despite the fact that I only had 3 hours of sleep the night before due to Zephyr's cold. Odin has completely forgotten what snow is like! We had a layover in Salt Lake City and we had to walk to the plane outside and there was snow on the ground and Odin was trying his hardest to touch it and step on it while walking to the airplane and asking, "What's that on the ground over there Grammie?" It was so cute. Then, we got out the few little toys that we left here last year and he said, "I like these new toys you bought me Mama!" It was so hard to explain to him that they were already his and that he has been here before. Due to the fact that Grammie and Odin are the only ones not coughing our brains out, they are sharing a bedroom so that they can sleep without being woken up and Odin thinks that is just so cool having a slumber party. We ordered him a little toddler bed and he told me that he thinks it's "cute" and hasn't even tried to get in bed with me which is a HUGE victory! We also ordered Z a swing so that we'd have somewhere safe to put him and it's ridiculous. Even though I only bought Odin's swing two years ago and it was the same brand, this swing actually plugs into the wall instead of using crazy amounts of batteries which seems like such a simple improvement that I can't imagine why mine didn't have that feature...this one has two recline positions too! How could they improve something that much in two years?

Odin & I went out and played in the snow today and had a grand time. We haven't gotten him a new pair of snow boots that fit yet so he wore his regular shoes and he was so preoccupied with getting snow on his shoes and not wanting to ruin them. No matter how many times I told him it was ok, he didn't agree that it was :)

Here's little Z with his Christmas present from Auntie Rachel!

Tomorrow, we're going to get a Christmas tree so that will be fun. Odin will have such a great time looking at the ornaments from when I was little! It's so great that every year I get to experience all of this through Odin's eyes as the first time again and again but at different stages of understanding since he doesn't remember it from the year before! I kind of thought there would only be a one time for the "firsts" of childhood but there's actually one every year! It's so great. Odin is SO happy to see Uncle Adam. He told me on the plane that Adam is his best friend. Then, when we stopped at the grocery store on the way home from the airport, Adam went into the store and we stayed in the car and Odin was beside himself that he finally got to see Adam and he was already gone again. It was all I could do to get Odin to stay in the car until Adam came back. For some reason, not sure why but I'm sure there is a legitimate connection somehow, as we were driving from the airport home, Odin asked where Batman was. We must have said something that made him think of Batman. He's never even seen Batman so I don't even know how he knows who he is except for the jammies cousin James gave him for his birthday. So, in case you are looking for Batman, apparently he lives in Jackson Hole. Also, in typical contradictory toddler fashion, on the way home from the airport Odin kept saying, "We are NOT in Wyoming!" He did mention he wants to go hike a mountain with Adam and Grandpa so that should be interesting! More photos to come but this website won't load them for some reason right now! Argh! Well, that's all from cowboy country!

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