Friday, March 13, 2009

Cuteness and cameras...

Soooo. The reason there have been no photos or videos is that the charger for my camera battery has disappeared into the oblivion...I have looked EVERYWHERE!!!!! My battery is dead dead dead so it's very troubling. That and the cable clicker has electrocuted itself and left burn marks in my couch so we are very electronically challenged at the moment. Add that to the sticky o button and the space bar not working and you've got yourself some serious frustration!!!!! Anyways, here are some cute Odin stories:

A friend of mine was going to stop by in the evening so I was cleaning the kitchen after dinner and Odin decided he needed to use my sponge so I gave it to him and he went off to do his thing. I was so relieved that he was letting me get the kitchen clean that I stopped paying attention to what he was doing. Next thing I know, he's saying, "Look Mom!" I look over and he has taken all the toys off of his little kitchen and organized them all and has used his sponge to clean off his counters and stove and his little kitchen looks spotless. It was too cute. When my friend arrived, he grabbed her first thing and dragged her over to his kitchen and said, "Look! I cleaned my kitchen for you since you were coming over to visit! It was too funny!

Another cute thing Odin does is after I ask him how he slept in the morning he says, "Mommy, how did YOU sleep?" At night I say sleep tight and he says, "You sleep tight too Mommy!" It's so sweet.

Sometimes, he runs over to me and says, "Mom, come quick! Zephyr needs some attention!"

Yesterday, Odin said, "Hi Mom, I just hurried home. I went to the park all by my... alone!"

We went to the Neary Lagoon park and since he has a book that is a parody of Goodnight Moon called Goodnight Goon, he asked me, "Mom, are there going be ghosts at the Goon Park? Will there be a pot full of goo?"

He's so smart and funny that I can't even remember all the brilliant things he says each day!

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