Saturday, September 5, 2009

My baby's not such a baby anymore!

In the last week, Zephyr has gone from being a baby to a one year old! Not only is he working on walking, he is also learning signs at a record pace! The other day, he was reaching for my coffee cup and making a sign so I turn the cup around and realize there's a fish on the side and he's signing fish! Now, he's got rudimentary versions of all of the following signs:
All done
Bye bye

He's also working on the words:

The other day, he went and got my shoes, put them on my feet, climbed into my lap, tugged on my to get up, and waved bye bye like, "Mom, let's go!" He also goes and gets his bottle and brings it to you as well as bags of pretzels and cheerios. He makes car sounds when he's riding his little "bicycle" and he dances when you put music on. He can show you his belly button and then gets ready to be tickled. He chats his own little language all the time. He's also getting pretty good at feeding himself with a spoon. He knows the uses of all "tools" like hairbrushes, spoons for stirring coffee, hammers, telephones, t.v. clickers, the computer, and horns. It's amazing that he's already so close to being a toddler! In just one week, I feel like he has changed so much!

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