Monday, April 26, 2010

Spring has sprung!

Sorry I've been lagging so much with the blog!  Facebook is so much easier and more secure that I end up posting everything there instead!  We had some airline tickets from last year that for a trip we had to cancel due to our move cross country so we took advantage of the tickets and went to Florida :)  We had a great time...stayed with my friend Alison at her mom's amazing house, visited with her brother in Miami, caught up with friends from Nantucket and went to see Mickey and then went and stayed with my parents for a few nights.  It was a great trip!  Here are some highlights!

This next photo proves that even in Florida, a drainage grate is still just as fascinating!

While we were mini-golfing, both boys got hole-in-ones!

The boys had a fantastic Easter and the weather was amazing for it!  We even just went to the beach one day!  YAY!  Here are some photos of the ever-growing guys!

The boys and their cousins and the super heroes that live with me ;)

Odin and his rainy day art project and the boys with their best friend Sailor.

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