Monday, May 24, 2010

Life as we live it.

I have no profound thoughts to share with you all except the overwhelming joy of being truly happy.  I realize that is a bit redundant but I am...happy!  I am loving our little town of Marblehead, it is truly the perfect place for me and I'm so glad I put in the hard work and soul searching way back when to figure out what it was that would make me happy and to try to create a future that had all of those elements.  I do believe that we all create our own I am truly giving myself the credit this time for making it happen and for hanging in there with a solid dedication to my future happiness in the times when things seemed so dismal.  I love the person that I am and the conscious effort that I put into my life each and every day.  If I am single forever, raising my boys alone, I will still be truly content.  I could not have said that in the past years but today, I can honestly say that I love where I am in life...with a future unknown and only possibilities on the horizon.  People say that when things are good, you need to stop and appreciate it for that moment is fleeting.  Well, here I am.  Appreciating it.  In all its momentary glory.  Right now, in this minute, I am SO happy :)  I don't know where this life is taking me or what the world has in store but I sure am loving the ride.  I will leave tomorrow to its own to you all!

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