Tuesday, September 14, 2010

We are all moved into our new place :)

We have moved to our new rental and it is much better than our previous place.  I'm finally catching up on everything again now that the craziness of summer is over and we're all moved and unpacked.  The kids are very happy and loving the neighborhood, friends, and school.  The house belongs to a church and they fixed it up beautifully for us and keep watch over us.  It's nice to have such a lovely group right next door!  We also have lots of friends in our neighborhood so there are constant playdates and good company :)  Odin's birthday party was great...a Spiderman theme...and Zephyr's is coming up...a Mickey Mouse theme at his request!  I'm doing well.  I have a lovely boyfriend who treats me very well and is wonderfully nice to the boys.  He has two kids of his own which makes for a lively bunch!  I've been volunteering and trying to leverage that into some paid work but the economy is not helping.  Here are some pictures to tide you all over!

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