Friday, June 10, 2011

Big news!

Most of you probably know this already but I realized that I haven't written in my blog in a long time and haven't announced here that I'm engaged :)  On our one year anniversary of being a couple, Joe took me to where we had our first kiss overlooking the ocean and the city of Boston at sunset and asked me to marry him :)  He actually got down on one knee and then gave me the prettiest ring :)   I am the happiest and luckiest girl.  As I type this, three kiddos are up, one is still sleeping.  It's pretty busy around here!  I have moved into the new house and Joe's is closing this month so he and his kids are here most of the time when they are not at school, doing homework, at their mom's, or working until we after school is out.  Joe and I are still madly in love and I keep wondering when the honeymoon phase wears off but so far, it hasn't dimmed!  :)  The new house is awesome.  Sunny, open, pleasant...with a bedroom for each of us plus an office so no more having kids share a room and keep each other up!  It's great!  There's a lovely deck, a huge finished basement playroom, and the neighborhood has TONS of kids and nice parents, sidewalks, and Odin can walk to school at the end of the road for Kindergarten in the Fall.  I can ride Zephyr to preschool on the bike path too!  We are joining the community pool at the end of the street and have already been to the beach a bunch this month so it should be a pretty fun summer!  We are also taking a trip at the end of June to Jackson Hole with all four kids...I've never been in the summer so I'm really looking forward to seeing Yellowstone, the museums that are normally closed in the winter, cowboy dinners, rodeos, horseback riding, and fishing!  Odin and Zephyr are looking forward to some Grammie and Grandpa time :)  Then, it's off to Nantucket for some weekends!  Joe and I figure with all we have going on right now, we probably won't get married until next Summer/Fall.  We need to concentrate on helping our family make this transition into living together and into Joe's kids commuting to school half the week this Fall.  We'll see.  We figure it'll take us all year to find moments to check out places to have a reception anyways!  So, that's all the big news around here.  I'm just happy happy happy!  Somehow I scored the most wonderful man who is the perfect fit for me.  It reminds me of what my Nana says about my Grandpa..."My heart still flutters every time he comes in the door."  :)

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Single Mom Seeking said...

So glad I found your blend. Here's to your new blended family!
I'd love to interview you on my blog sometime, if you're open to it. It's a blast to profile single moms who are getting remarried... as I have :)