Wednesday, January 16, 2013

2009 - Funny stories about the boys from Facebook:

Funny stories about the boys from Facebook:

asked..."Odin, is there anything I can do to be a better mommy?" Odin: "Get some sleep."
Alastar Connor
is kidless from 10:30AM-5:30PM for only the second time since my first child was born three years ago...
Alastar Connor
is watching J&K + 8 with tears rolling down my all sounds familiar...let's believe the statistic I read today... "80% of divorced people under the age of 45 get remarried within 4 years of their divorce..." Only 3 and a half years to go...I ca
Alastar Connor
is sad.
is on day 4 of antibiotics and still feeling like crap. Argh!

"Mom, my ears are SO loud now!" "That's because we went down a hill and your ears popped." "Does that mean there's gravity in my EARS???"

Z slept all the way till 7:30AM and lay awake babbling to himself! Just delicious!

"What's that Odin?" "Oh, nothing Mommy, I was just talking to my finger."

"Mom, can I help u load the dishwasher? We can clean up the family room together! We'll be a team! Thanks mommy, that was so helpful of you!"
is sitting at MY kitchen table enjoying my second beer that I opened with a key for the first time EVER! Here's to firsts!!!!!
Is having her "boys in the bath" 15 minute break on iPhone. :)

Wow. I'm good. I knew that Click the Camera on Go Diego Go was the voice of Rosie Perez.

Odin, "Mom, yesterday was the BEST Thanksgiving EVER!" (Translation: He doesn't even remember last Thanksgiving ;) )

Was a very good Mommy today...breakfast, gymnastics, open gym, grocery store playdate, lunch, nap, library, dinner, bath, clean house, and stories!!!!!!

s taking a break from being a mom today to go embrace the beauty of being pale and suck some blood in the broad daylight.

A morning in the life of a single mom of two, stacking wood while listening to whine, cry, whine, cry, whine. Ho hum.

Had the BEST day!!!! Saw Santa arrive by boat, amazing gingerbread houses, TWO church fairs, fabulous clam chowda, kids crafts, cookie making station, wonderful outdoor play area, then went with my friend and the kids to another friend's bead store, picked out materials for x-mas presents, kids played in the "kids' room" and topped the evening off with yummy Chinese food!!!!! What an AMAZING day!!!!!

Zephyr's new word: Bup!!! (Translation: Up! You have to imagine how funny it is though to hear him say Bup Bup Bup!!!! with his arms stretched toward me)

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