Saturday, April 25, 2009

Small Talk

As my friend, Cathy, observed, Odin has no problem with small talk. He will do well in business ;)

Odin's conversation with a bus driver:
O: Hi, I want to be a bus driver when I grow up.
D: Really? It's a great job, you get to meet a lot of great kids!
O: I like to meet a lot of kids and everything. Actually, I'm working on potty training.
D: Really? That's hard...but I'm sure you'll do just fine.
O: I'm trying to do my pee pee's and poo poo's in the potty.
D: Ya, that's hard. What's the hardest thing for you? Aiming?
O: Ya. My Mommy's pretty good at doing her poops in the potty though.
D: Oh.

Conversation with Mommy:
M: How's your diaper, Ode?
O: Good. How's your diaper, Mommy?
M: I don't wear diapers Ode.
O: How's your underpants Mommy?
M: Um, fine, thank you.
O: How's Zephyr's diaper?
M: It's fine too. Thanks for asking.

Conversation with stranger:
O: Hi.
S: Hi, what's your name?
O: O-D-I-N, Odin.
S: Hi, I'm K-I-M, Kim. How old are you?
O: (Holding up two fingers) I'm two. Soon, I will be this many. (Holds up five fingers.) My birthday is in July.
S: Oh! Who's that?
O: That's my brother, Zephyr Pepper.
S: Oh. See this picture in this magazine? Do you know who that is?
O: That's Kai Lan. Ni Hao. (Hello, in Chinese.)

Conversation with Uncle Adam:
A: I'm going to Africa to see Lions, Tigers, and Elephants! Then, after that I'll come visit you!
O: So, you're going to come see me after you go to the Zoo?

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Gary Neier said...

Thats a riot! I'll be on my guard when I talk to Odin