Saturday, May 23, 2009

Back in ACK.

Sorry for the lack of posts and has no breaks since Zephyr gets up early with me and Odin goes to bed late with me...that means NO mommy time except the maybe one hour where their naps overlap. Glad I'm not trying to work from home right now! I don't know what I'd do! Anyways, Nantucket was like coming home. I got to catch up with old friends who all have kids now! Crazy! Got to hang with the girls some and catch up on gossip with the boys...a 22 year old hit on me and drunken texted me...definitely not something to pursue but certainly flattering! Odin was so happy hanging out on the island and we caught a tag sale that was MADE for him! We cleaned the place out for practically nothing! Blocks, a motorized motorcycle, a doctor set, a whole tractor trailer filled with matchbox cars, a pirate ship, a whole tool set, a bed rail for out the ACK house, books, videos, and more! Odin thought it was his birthday or X-mas or something! We went to the beach one day it was so nice weather-wise, joined a playgroup at the each playground, and had a GREAT time! Photos to come...

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